Jax Ardeneaux

Sales Executive

With over a decade of Business Consulting experience in both the corporate and nonprofit sector Jax seeks to express her passion for the development of human potential as a partner and growth strategist for her Clients in the real estate industry.

Jax recognizes that her core strength is the integration of her diverse studies and real-life experience in business, psychology, entrepreneurship, spirituality, arts and philanthropy.  It is this diversity that enriches her professional offering and is the force behind her passion to live and thrive outside the box.  And it is this passion that inspires her Client Partners to dream big with her and to identify the goals and actions that will support their dreams.

Her core focus is first, to create connection, and second, to build long term relationships on a bedrock of love and commitment for the discovery of the seemingly impossible.  As an unstoppable force for good, Jax is on this planet to make a difference by helping her clients build a life and business that is both meaningful and abundant.  She is here to make a difference in your life and honored to do so.

Jax can be reached at:
(512) 354-9991
[email protected]