Enriqueta "Que" B. Reyes

Que Reyes
Escrow Officer/Branch Manager

Enriqueta "Que" B. Reyes has been in the title business since 1987. She began her career in title as a copy shooter, then moving over to company courier and then company receptionist for a small independent title company in Southern California.

She moved back home to El Paso where she began her career as an Escrow Assistant. She had wonderful mentors in El Paso that had great confidence in her as she had no idea what an Escrow Assistant did but learned from some of the best Escrow Officers in El Paso.

She then moved to Fort Worth for a short period of time and eventually to Austin in December 1990. Austin has been her home and where she eventually dated and married her husband and raised her family. She continued to work as an Escrow Assistant in Austin to several incredible Escrow Officers that taught her what she knows, many of whom are still in the industry today.

She's been an Escrow Officer since the summer of 1995, the summer that her son was born. She wasn't planning on being an Escrow Officer but a wonderful manager said that it was time. Somehow she managed to pull of being a new mom and a new Escrow Officer at the same time but not without some tears at times. Looking back, it's been the most rewarding thing that could have happened to her. She's met many wonderful people along her journey and has many that she calls her friends.

Her hobbies include reading, listening to all genres of music, quilting, cooking, traveling and her newest adventure, ART! She have found a creative and colorful side that she is exploring and looks forward to creating new pieces of art. Some of which have sold. You can also say that she's now an artist as well! She lives with her husband and has two children, a son who currently works in the title industry and a daughter who attends St. Edwards University and the family mascot, Maddie.

Life has many turns and you never know where you will end up. So come join her and her eclectic self on this adventure that she calls her life in escrow.

Que can be reached at:
(512) 337-0925
[email protected]