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Farming Using Realist Tax
Non-CE Classes

Farming can be very timely and expensive. We want to make sure you choose the right
neighborhood/area. This class will provide in depth insight on how to qualify a neighborhood
for farming. Before you spend money on mailings we will determine if the area already has an
entrenched listing agent, the average sales price, average days on market, and how often
people move from the area (turn-over rate). In addition, you will learn how to determine if a
property is owner occupied or has a tenant and the date of purchase or refinance. We will work
in Matrix to find market data and then go to Realist to show you exactly how to run mailing
labels. This is not a hands-on class but we will provide you the tools and step-by-step directions
so you can make a solid decision when choosing a neighborhood to farm.

Information About Brokerage and Consumer Protection Notice
Non-CE Classes

The Texas Real Estate Commission requires Texas REALTORS use Information About Brokerage
Services and Consumer Protection Notice in their online marketing. There are specific rules
about how to link, where to post these disclosures, font sizes, and how to properly use these on
social media. TREC adopted updates to the rules in November of 2016. TREC adopted a change
to assess administrative penalties from $500 to $3,000 per violation per day for violating the
rules about providing TREC’s Consumer Protection Notice and the Information About Brokerage
Services form. Join us to learn the best practices for using IABS and Consumer Protection Notice

Avoiding Litigation in Real Estate Transactions
Non-CE Classes

Common pitfalls Realtors can avoid in the their day to day business without creating liability for themselves. Contract Provisions, avoiding liability, Seller disclosure items, wire fraud red flags, explaining surveys and title policy coverage.

Agent Branding
Non-CE Classes

Marketing your business as a REALTOR® can often feel overwhelming. You don't have time to figure out the best tools to use for marketing and it seems like you are always spending money on one program or another. We have taken the guesswork out of branding by doing the research for you and providing you the best and least expensive. This class will give you five easy ways to brand yourself and cost you very little money. From custom email signatures, Facebook pages, and flyers, we've got you covered! You have nothing to lose and everything to gain by spending one hour to increase your businesses branding and marketing.

Matrix Mastery
Non-CE Classes

We use Matrix every day for MLS searches, listing input, and customer portals but most agents aren’t even scratching the surface of what Matrix can do. Spending one hour in this course will save you several hours a week working in Matrix. We will show you how to design your own layouts in Matrix, how to perform lightning fast searches, show you how to find the hidden charts and data, and give you 10 additional quick tips that are guaranteed to save you time. Come learn the little secrets that pack a big punch in this action-packed hour of knowledge that you didn’t know you needed.

Facebook Ads for Real Estate
Non-CE Classes

Facebook Terms of Use stipulate that you cannot market your business on a Personal Profile and must instead use a Business Page. However, each post on your Business Page may be seen by less than 10% of your fans. Since Facebook’s Ads reach up to 90% of their intended audience you must include it as part of your online strategy. We will show you how to work smarter rather than harder and harness the laser focus of Facebook’s advertising tools to drive more real estate business. You will learn how to deliberately target potential clients by location, demographics, interests and more. You can utilize all the data Facebook has cataloged to find a buyer or seller. We will be sure to follow rules in the Code of Ethics, Truth in Advertising, Fair Housing, as well a s discussing Facebook’s advertising guidelines and TREC’s online advertising rules. This course introduces paid advertising on Facebook to increase the online exposure of your real estate business.

Facebook Business Pages
Non-CE Classes

Social Media has become a universal tool for marketing a business. Facebook has over two billion users and must be a major component of your real estate marketing plan. This course will show agents how to properly leverage Facebook for their real estate business and provide a comprehensive workshop to create a Facebook Business Page. We will go through each step, in easy to understand terms, the difference between personal and business profiles, the Do’s and Don’ts, the TREC and Texas Association of REALTORS® regulations for online advertising, and how to add useful real estate content to your business page. Students will leave this class with a fully functional Facebook Business Page. All of this may sound complicated but we will take you step by step through each piece offering you information to make informed choices about your real estate marketing on Facebook. This class requires a PC or Mac and Facebook Account. No iPads, please.

Protecting Yourself and Your Listings from Fraud
Non-CE Classes

In September of 2017 Equifax, one of the nation's three major credit reporting agencies, suffered a breach affecting 143 million Americans. The companies you rely on to market your real estate business, trust with your personal data, and use for connecting with friends and clients, also turn around and sell or trade your personal data. From phishing attacks to identity theft, every person that uses the web, puts their listings online, uses email, pays with credit cards, or has a device that connects to the internet faces a very real threat every single day. How do you manage your passwords? Do you use public wifi? Does your computer have a web cam? These are all vulnerabilities for data theft. In this course, you will learn how to keep your real estate listings protected from fraud as well as your personal accounts. We will show you how hackers can breach your information, exact steps to safeguard your online life, and specific ways to protect your data and your business that you can immediately implement. There has never been a more timely class than this one.