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Legal Udpate I
TREC Approved CE Classes

Covers TREC statutes and rules updates; property management; buyers, landlords, tenants, & sellers; contracts and forms; and the unauthorized practice of law.

Fundamentals of Video
TREC Approved CE Classes

A recent survey shows that 81% of businesses use video as a marketing tool and the average person watches 1.5 hours to 3 hours of video per day. (Source: State of Video Marketing in 2018-Hubspot). This one hour course will boil down all the information about video marketing and provide easy to follow, concrete information about using video in your real estate business. We will discuss the different types of videos, what to use for content, equipment, the parts of a video, how to maximize key words within your video and tags, and advertising compliance. This class is jam packed with solid information to give you an understanding of the fundamentals of creating videos.

Intro to Instagram
TREC Approved CE Classes

Are you interested in using Instagram for your real estate business but don't know where to begin? In this one hour course we will show you the basics of navigating the Instagram app. Have you heard the hype about Instagram but aren't convinced it makes sense for your business? We will cover the business statistics, the nuts and bolts of using the app, show you how and what to post, and also discuss the advertising rules for social media. This class is your one stop shop to get up and running on Instagram and take your real estate business to the next level of social media.

Probates and Real Estate: How does a death affect title?
TREC Approved CE Classes

This course is designed to provide Real Estate Licensees with knowledge and understanding of how a death in the chain of title affects closing. This course of study will provide Realtors with a base-level knowledge and understanding of the issues that must be worked through to be able to close a transaction. The purpose of this course is to help realtors understand the legal issues that affect closing a transaction when probate is necessary.

2018 TREC and IABS Rules
TREC Approved CE Classes

Warning! In May of 2018, new rules went into effect for Texas REALTORS®. You must understand how to properly implement the required advertising regulations or face penalties from $500 to $3,000 per violation per day for violating the rules. The changes include required language on all CMAs, BPOs, updated requirements for Information About Brokerage Services and Consumer Protection Notice, as well as major changes to team names. This course will provide you with clear explanations of each of the rulings and show you how to comply. Don't get left behind! You need to attend this course now!

Matrix CMAs
Non-CE Classes

A crucial component of any listing appointment is to provide the client with a solid Comparative Market Analysis (CMA). This course will walk through the pros and cons of Matrix’s CMA tools including Quick CMA and Matrix CMA Wizard. Learn the legal language required by TREC (as of May 2018) for all CMAs and how to navigate the programs to produce a comprehensive CMA that will wow your clients. This class is a must for any licensee.

Sphere Marketing with Facebook
TREC Approved CE Classes

According to 2018 NAR statistics: 89% of buyers who would use their agent again and 67% of sellers would use same agent again. Repeat business only occurs if you continue to have “touches” with your past clients throughout the year. In addition, to be a successful REALTOR®, you need to be in touch with prospects, friends, and family. All of these people are part of your Sphere of Influence.

Looking for a better way to follow up? Eager to learn how to harness social media for touching your Sphere? With this one hour course you will learn how to use social media to focus on your sphere. We will show you the steps to upload your database to Facebook and then easily create ads to directly target the people on your list. This class will show you how to systematically stay in front of your sphere by utilizing the power of Facebook to earn repeat business.

Farming Using Realist Tax
Non-CE Classes

Farming can be very timely and expensive. We want to make sure you choose the right
neighborhood/area. This class will provide in depth insight on how to qualify a neighborhood
for farming. Before you spend money on mailings we will determine if the area already has an
entrenched listing agent, the average sales price, average days on market, and how often
people move from the area (turn-over rate). In addition, you will learn how to determine if a
property is owner occupied or has a tenant and the date of purchase or refinance. We will work
in Matrix to find market data and then go to Realist to show you exactly how to run mailing
labels. This is not a hands-on class but we will provide you the tools and step-by-step directions
so you can make a solid decision when choosing a neighborhood to farm.

Information About Brokerage and Consumer Protection Notice
Non-CE Classes

The Texas Real Estate Commission requires Texas REALTORS use Information About Brokerage
Services and Consumer Protection Notice in their online marketing. There are specific rules
about how to link, where to post these disclosures, font sizes, and how to properly use these on
social media. TREC adopted updates to the rules in November of 2016. TREC adopted a change
to assess administrative penalties from $500 to $3,000 per violation per day for violating the
rules about providing TREC’s Consumer Protection Notice and the Information About Brokerage
Services form. Join us to learn the best practices for using IABS and Consumer Protection Notice

Avoiding Litigation in Real Estate Transactions
TREC Approved CE Classes

Common pitfalls Realtors can avoid in the their day to day business without creating liability for themselves. Contract Provisions, avoiding liability, Seller disclosure items, wire fraud red flags, explaining surveys and title policy coverage.