Protecting yourself against cyber breaches

Tue, 12/20/2016 - 12:00pm

Earlier this year, the Texas Land Title Association (TLTA) hosted a presentation on trends in Cyber Crime. Throughout 2016, the trends presented have continued and expanded. As Yahoo has recently experienced with the data breach of a billion customer accounts, cyber criminals continue to take advantage of every weakness.

What was stolen from the Yahoo Accounts? Usernames, email addresses, passwords, telephone numbers, birthdays (this is scary), security questions and answers (this is really scary!)

Security professionals have the following recommendations:

  1. Change your Yahoo account password.
  2. Change the password for any other online account you have that is tied to your yahoo email address.
  3. Wherever possible, change security questions and answers with other institutions you have that are common to what you have stored at Yahoo.  Those security questions are potentially compromised.
  4. Change the passwords for any other online accounts you have that use your Yahoo email address. Note: you should avoid using a password in more than one place. Password manager software like LastPass® will help you to manager your passwords.
  5. Be vigilant when receiving and trusting email from Yahoo accounts for the foreseeable future. Avoid clicking on links or assuming an email is safe, even when it seems to come from someone you know.